• Support Library Freedom in Rapides Parish Libraries
    You should sign this petition if you believe any of these statements could be true: That the true intent of this policy change is to marginalize the LGBTQ+ community. Books should be discussed on their merits. Broad categories of books should not be waived away as “obscene” without a critical look by our librarians. That our librarians are pretty good at their job. Library board members - public servants - have a duty to answer questions about their proposals, and should not flee public meetings. The proposed policy revision is vague and does not define specific words that would be critical to enforcing it. The proposed revisions contradict the rest of the library’s Collection Development Policy, which has been doing a good job serving the community for many years. It's our job to be the parents, and these restrictive policies take away our parental rights.
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  • Let Utah Read, Don't Ban Books in Utah
    Last year the Utah State legislature passed HB374 which has lead directly to books being banned in our school libraries. This hurts students and limits their ability to think for themselves, leaving them less self-reliant, and ill-prepared for success in an increasingly competitive global economy. Legislators are now suggesting that they need to pass MORE censorship laws - even ones that could lead to arresting librarians and teachers for their commitment to protecting constitutional freedoms and access to information for students. They think they are the best judge of how to parent and teach Utah kids -- and they want to take away your freedom to choose books for you and your family. We trust parents, librarians, and teachers to parent and teach, and think politicians should not be using the power of the state to restrict our freedoms and liberties just to appease loud extremists. We trust professional librarians and teachers to choose materials that support the education, development, and mental health of ALL students in accordance with state standards, local policy, and state and federal laws. Sign the petition and stand with Utahns who oppose book bans and support the freedom to read. (If you live outside of Utah, please sign this national petition: https://action.everylibrary.org/bookbans)
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  • Sign the Petition to End Book Bans Today!
    Proposed censorship measures in several U.S. states will regulate the books that you're allowed to read in our nation's libraries. Some could also lead to jailing librarians as a result of their commitment to free speech and access to library materials. If they succeed, you will lose your freedom to choose books for you and your family. Help fight against book bans and government censorship.
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  • Support the Resolution Against Book Bans
    Sign the petition to support the Banned Books Week resolution! The resolutions protects your freedom of speech and expression. Congress needs to know that this is a bi-partisan issue that touches on the rights and hopes of every American.
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    Created by Mackenzie Nichols
  • Keep Politicians out of Louisiana libraries
    If the Government and Christian sects are allowed to censor or remove what we have access to a dangerous precedent will be set. 1. Our access to new ideas will be restricted 2. The Government will take the responsibility for a child's access to information from the parents where it belongs. 3. Where will the next ban be? We already have states that are trying to limit and restrict access to African American history and culture 4. A group or several groups in our country will be marginalized and isolated. 5. There will be a dangerous attack on the First Amendment's guarantee of protection from religious interference in our local government and on our right to freedom of speech. Please look at book burning and persecutions (Gays, Jews, Catholics, the Mentally or Physically challenged) that happened in Nazi Germany as a warning about what can happen to a society that does not fight against government overreach.
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    Created by Sheila Cork