• Don't Defund Marathon County Public Library
    Some County Supervisors have threatened to dismantle the county library system. This would destroy years of collaborations between all the communities in Marathon County. Tell your Supervisor that the Marathon County Public Library is an essential service and it needs to be fully funded. Sign and share this petition today!
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  • Stop Book Bans in Utah
    According to a recent Salt Lake Tribune article (https://www.sltrib.com/news/education/2023/10/23/we-looked-banned-books-utahs), Utah schools have banned hundreds of books in the last year. But not just any books... The top 5 banned authors are women writers who write about coming of age experiences for young adults, particularly girls. Many of these books cover topics such as sexual abuse or having a parent who is addicted to drugs. While these are difficult topics, we know that many teens experience these things, and these books give kids the language and concepts they can use to to draw safe boundaries, and to talk to trusted adults. In short, these books help keep kids safe, and help them know that they are not alone, and that there is hope. Let's tell the politicians that we trust professional librarians and teachers, who are licensed and certified by the state, to choose materials that support the education, development, and mental health of ALL students in accordance with state standards, local policy, and laws. Sign the petition and stand with the majority of Utahns who oppose harmful book bans.
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  • Stop censorship at the Community Library Network!
    Library Trustees are imposing their beliefs on library patrons by censoring books available to young patrons. They are updating the Materials Selection Policy by updating selection of books as a whole or "IN PART." Our Sheriff Norris has also weighed in. Parents should be the ones to determine what books are appropriate for their child, not the Board of Trustees. Having access to a wide array of viewpoints and information is a hallmark of intellectual freedom. Sign today! Let's show the library trustees we are against censorship in any form.
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    Created by Theresa Birkett
  • Oppose Censorship in Harford County
    Members of the Harford County Council and Board of Education are overstepping their positions and improperly imposing their personal beliefs into our school libraries. Not only is this censorship but their actions are creating a hostile environment for HCPS students and staff. It is not the job of HCPS nor the County Council to restrict resources and books to students. Having access to a wide variety of books, resources and information is an individual freedom and right of the student and parent. Sign today! Lets show the BoE and the County Council that Harford Countians are against banning any books. We want a safe and inclusive learning environment for ALL of our students.
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    Created by Kristy Gizinski
  • Stop the Banning or Censoring of Books at Blackhawk- Follow the Policy!
    Sign the petition to let the school board majority and acting superintendent know the community will not tolerate this violation of district policy and The First Amendment. Where will these violations end?? Stop this egregious waste of your taxpayer dollars!
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    Created by We Believe In Blackhawk
  • Support Magnolia Middle School student's Right to Read - Save the Manga Library
    I firmly believe that every child deserves access to diverse forms of literature that cater to their interests. Manga books provide a unique medium through which students can explore complex narratives while improving reading comprehension skills. Anime films offer visual storytelling techniques that captivate young minds while promoting literacy and cultural exploration.
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    Created by Jennifer Antonik
  • Parents Defending Schools and Libraries - Canby
    Student rights do not end at the school house door. The right to read is a fundamental constitutional right. Every book that is banned, removed or labeled erodes that right.
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    Created by Darin Stewart
  • Support the Paris-Bourbon County Public Library
    Confrontational mega-challenge campaigns divert library professionals divert library professionals and administration from the work of creating a vibrant, fresh collection. These campaigns are designed to use financial and human resources in order to call for defunding public libraries. Often the ultimate goal of these campaigns is to remove a community's public library completely. Censorship campaigns destroy the First Amendment rights of readers, create an anxious and uncertain atmosphere for the vast majority of library users, and ultimately damage communities.
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    Created by Julie Maruskin
  • Stop the Defunding of Samuels Public Library
    By signing this petition, we stand together for the freedom of each individual and parent to make their own decisions for themselves and their families. Generations of Americans have fought to preserve our individual liberties and freedom to think for ourselves. For these reasons, we ask the Warren County Board of Supervisors to vote to fully fund the Library and preserve this precious gem in our County
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    Created by Jackie Masella
  • Oppose Defunding The Ozark Dale County Library
    The Mayor is entitled to his personal beliefs, but it is a violation of his duties to threaten the Library in an attempt to impose his personal beliefs on everyone. We trust our neighbors to decide for themselves what they and their families read. The signers of this petition stand together to defend our public library against those who attempt to force compliance via threats of defunding, and therefore threats to the library’s very existence. Our brave servicemembers have fought for generations to preserve our individual liberties and freedom to think for ourselves, safe from such activist government overreach. We ask our elected and appointed leaders at the County, City, and Library Board of Trustees to pledge their support for freedom, and the protection of library funding against illicit political threats.
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    Created by Brittany Galland
  • Support the Rutherford County Library System
    The City of Murfreesboro recently passed an ordinance on decency. We want to ensure that this ordinance doesn't result in censorship, that library materials remain available for the community, and that library policies and their application are following state, local, and federal laws free of illicit pressure by politicians on library staff. We trust individuals to make their own reading choices for themselves and their families.
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    Created by Matthew Fee
  • Save Llano Libraries
    Since it was established in 1904 by the Woman's Culture Club, the Llano Library System has served numerous needs of all Llano County citizens. The current efforts to further gut the system has nearly destroyed it. Please join us to reach out to our County Commissioners in this petition. They owe us, the Taxpayers, transparency and ethical conduct in the future.
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    Created by Lisa Miller