• Stop Censorship at Hamilton East Public Library
    In a democratic society, even children have First Amendment rights to freely receive information, and the public library, as a form of government, and except in very limited circumstances, can not impair those rights. Only parents may limit a child's access to information. The HEPL Board of Trustees has written a new Collection Development Policy because some of the trustees and community members have deemed the books inappropriate for minors. The policy will result in approximately HALF of the teen books (and a lesser number of juvenile books) being relocated and intermixed with books in the general collection. This is expected to cost well over $110,000 and is fiscally irresponsible. Furthermore, the policy does not make sense if the Board’s intention is to “protect children,” because now children’s and teens’ books are being relocated from their respective collections to the area of the library where the intended audience is adults. One group of community members should not decide which books are appropriate for all families and therefore be able to influence what information is freely available at the public library. There will always be materials available that some patrons will find objectionable. If parents have concerns about the book selections made by their own children, it is their responsibility to supervise them and help them make choices that reflect their own values. Moving books is censorship and is a slippery slope to book banning. Sign this petition to let HEPL Board of Trustees know that you disagree with the new Collection Development Policy.
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    Created by Hamilton County Against Censorship (Indiana)
    Parents should be allowed to decide what their kids can read and librarians should not be threatened by criminal charges from extremists. Sign the petition to protect our libraries and our liberty.
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    Created by Cameron Grimm
  • Make the Garden State the state of guardin' intellectual freedom!
    Reading is a foundational skill, and an informed electorate is the bedrock of our democracy. That is why our founders established the First Amendment right of free speech, which enables us to speak, publish, read and view what we wish so that we can understand all sides of an issue and make our own judgments. Since 2021, though, extremists operating under the banner of "parents rights" have attempted to restrict access to include only topics, authors and content that match their narrow world view. In what amounts to an intellectual insurrection, they are trampling on the First Amendment rights of children, parents, and families who experience the world differently, especially those from the BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities. Sign this petition to join the chorus of mainstream voices reminding decision-makers that FREE PEOPLE READ FREELY.
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    Created by NH-V Intellectual Freedom Fighters Picture
  • Stand up to the Book Banners in Idaho
    Please join us as we fight the ever escalating culture war against those who limit our liberty to choose and own reading material, and parent our own children in Idaho. If we don't stand up to these challenges, we will live in a state where politicians will determine what is in school and public libraries. This will have a devastating impact not only in our fiction collections, but also in the arts, sciences, and religious library collections. Sign this petition and join a team of citizens advocating for uncensored reading, academic freedom, and full access to school and public libraries in North Central Idaho.
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    Created by North Central Idaho Alliance
  • Our Public Libraries are for EVERYONE!
    Everyone should take a stand against bias and discrimination. Certain churches are seeking to exclude people from utilizing the facilities, content, program, and activities of the library based on their beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
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    Created by Andrea Miller
  • Stand Up Against Book Bans in Bucks County
    Bucks County has a proud tradition of writers and free thinkers. From Pearl S. Buck to Margaret Mead and from Oscar Hammerstein to James Michener. These policies go against the values of our proud community.
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  • No Book Bans for Pittsburgh Libraries
    Reading and literacy is so important. Many families and individuals can’t afford books. They are so expensive these days. I would hate for any child or adult be deprived of books. They build intelligence, and imagination.
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    Created by Diane Bongiorni
  • Keep the Current Volusia County School Board Policy 320 As Is
    The proposed changes are a direct violation of the constitutional right for students to have access to a wide range of age appropriate reading materials.
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    Created by Love Read Picture
  • Stop Book Bans in Katy ISD!
    Book banning is on the ballot in the non-partisan Katy ISD Board of Trustees election, scheduled for May 6, 2023. Trustees are typically decided on by less than 10% of registered voters. Make a plan to vote for candidates who whole heartedly reject book bans and will fight to protect every student's right to read.
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    Created by Anne Russey
  • Reading Residents Against Censorship
    Banning books from public libraries is a slippery slope to government censorship and the erosion of our country's commitment to freedom of expression.
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    Created by Laura Wilson
  • Support Louisiana Libraries
    There are three bills designed to dismantle Louisiana libraries and limit your right to read. HB25 will politicize libraries by ending local library boards of control as we’ve known them. SB7 and HB102 are aimed at restricting what books Louisiana citizens can read in our libraries. While short-sighted politicians use national culture war talking points to try to divide us and tell us what books our kids should or shouldn’t read, we trust Louisiana citizens to make their own decisions about what to read, and we trust parents to parent their own children. Louisiana’s public libraries have policies and protections in place to ensure that there is a robust library collection that serves the needs of the local community. Those policies, passed with the input of the community in open public meetings, enable parents to make good reading choices for their children and protect kids from the substantial amount of dangerous content available on the open internet. Library, education, and good government stakeholders across our state have joined together to tell Louisiana legislators to oppose SB7/HB102 and HB25 which restrict Louisiana citizens’ access to books and information and also facilitate the politicization of libraries by allowing Parishes and Police Juries to remove the local library board of control. Please join us. Sign this petition today and ask your legislators to oppose SB7/HB102 and HB25. ___________________________________________________________________ SB7/HB102 FACTS Louisiana libraries do not collect and make available obscene materials. The definition of the term “sexually explicit” detailed in SB7 and HB102 is a broad one that encompasses all mention of sexual conduct. Codifying this definition into law would force the removal of age-appropriate books related to biology, sex education, health, puberty, art, and the Bible from the children and teen sections of libraries. Public libraries have a responsibility to provide age-appropriate materials on these topics to patrons. In all instances, parents have the opportunity and responsibility to direct the use of library materials for their child. SB7 and HB102 would: --Require libraries to consider undefined “community standards” for the population served when acquiring library materials. Public library selection policies are currently written to address the needs of all community members, thereby ensuring that groups in the minority of a population are served along with groups in the majority. --Require libraries to establish a library card system that restricts a minor from checking out any library material from a collection that contains sexually explicit material. Creating areas within libraries that house “objectionable” or “sexually explicit” material ignores the merit inherent in those titles as works of literature that should be judged in their entirety as required by the Miller Test. Libraries already organize their collections by age-appropriate categories and some restrict checkouts by card types. --Require libraries to establish a procedure that allows a library patron to request the reconsideration of whether library material should be included in a library collection and treats material that is considered sexually explicit by the patron differently than other library material. Louisiana public libraries currently have policies in place to allow patrons to request reconsideration of any library material. There is no reason to create an additional procedure. HB25 FACTS Public libraries in Louisiana have been operating for decades under the supervision of dedicated, knowledgeable board members and professional staff. The current state laws governing library boards of control have been set up to allow local governing authorities to oversee the board with reasonable limits in place. --House Bill 25 would lead to the politicization of library operations and be detrimental to the functioning of the library. There is no reasonable justification to eliminate the current management structure of public libraries and replace it with the unfettered power of a parish council or police jury. If applied, this bill would set a precedent that would have similar effects on other local boards and commissions. --HB25 states that library board members would serve at the pleasure of the governing authority. This removes the term structure set by current law and allows politicians to remove board members at will or keep them in office indefinitely. It also removes the staggered terms of board members that contributes to stability within the library board and in turn within library operations. --HB25 would also allow politicians to hire and fire library employees at will. Public libraries currently operate outside of partisan politics to serve the needs of the entire community. The proposed law has the potential to make library employment politically motivated rather than being based on professional experience and expertise.
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  • Stop Censorship and Political Meddling in Orem
    The Orem Public Library is not currently being run in accordance with state law, which has allowed for ongoing political interference by the City Council with library operations, including the censoring of displays. To come into compliance with state law, and help protect citizens of Orem from future political meddling in library affairs, four actions are needed immediately: (1) The City Council Must Recognize the Library Advisory Committee as an independent Library Board of Directors per Utah Code 9-7-402: "When the city governing body decides to establish and maintain a city public library under the provisions of this part, it shall appoint a library board of directors of not less than five members and not more than nine members, chosen from the citizens of the city and based upon their fitness for the office." (2) The Library Board must take responsibility for policy-making per Utah Code: 9-7-404: "The library board shall: (a) maintain and care for the library; (b) establish policies for its operation; and (c) in general, carry out the spirit and intent of the provisions of this part." (3) The City Council must create an independent Library Fund in the budget per Utah Code: 9-7-404: "All tax money received for the library shall be deposited in the city treasury to the credit of the library fund." (4) The Library Board must appoint a Director of the Library per Utah Code: 9-7-407: "The library board of directors shall appoint a competent person as librarian to have immediate charge of the library with those duties and compensation for services that it determines. The librarian shall act as the executive officer for the library board." We call on the City Council and the Library Commission to come into full compliance with state laws and make public statements committing to refrain from future interference with the library.
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