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To: FWISD Families & Advocates

Protect our FWISD Libraries

We want to protect our school libraries from book banning.

Outside groups have pressured FWISD to review 118 books, including classics and award-winning books that many of us grew up reading. They want the books removed by government action without consulting parents, librarians, or educators. Since August of 2023, FWISD students have not had access to these books, against FWISD Board policy. While FWISD should adhere to Texas State Library and Archives Commission guidelines, their priority is to the First Amendment rights of students. We want FWISD to provide a wide range of library materials for students and faculty that support student achievement and reflect the diversity of our community.

We ask that the District stop taking requests from non-stakeholders or make them follow the same rigorous process that we as parents must follow. We want our school board to consider a book review process that protects the First Amendment and FWISD stakeholders, such as those proposed by Defense of Democracy.

The Superintendent needs to ensure that librarians and other designated professional staff select library materials in accordance with District policy and administrative regulations. However, the District should not remove resources from a library for the purpose of denying students access to ideas with which the District disagrees.

We want Fort Worth ISD to defend the intellectual freedom of our schools.

Why is this important?

Fort Worth ISD students are culturally & economically diverse, they have different beliefs and sexual orientations. They deserve to see their lives reflected in the books available to them in our libraries. National groups and outside influencers should not be able to determine the availability of those books.

***You do not need to be a FWISD parent to sign this petition!

Fort Worth, TX, USA

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