• Support the Metropolis Public Library
    The Metropolis Public Library is under attack by a very vocal, small group of individuals who seek to impose their own personal agenda on others in the community. We are deeply concerned about the extreme rhetoric increasingly directed at our public libraries. Such divisive language not only misrepresents the mission of these vital institutions but also sows discord within our community. Libraries are pillars of free expression, education, and community engagement. It is crucial that we address and counteract this harmful rhetoric to preserve the integrity of our libraries and ensure they remain safe, inclusive spaces for all members of our community. Citizens should remain vigilant against any form of government overreach that manipulates public libraries for personal or political agendas. Libraries serve as beacons of free thought and knowledge, and their integrity must be protected from partisan influences that threaten to undermine their role as unbiased resources for the community.
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  • Support the Mississippi Valley Library District
    The Mississippi Valley Library District faces a growing number of challenges to its collection and services from a very vocal, small group of individuals who seek to impose their own religious or moral beliefs on others in the community. These newest board members have: - Promoted censorship of materials (library board president removed materials from a library display) - Recently voted to limit public comment in an effort to silence the concerned residents - Past board meeting videos and FOIA's have revealed anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-inclusion rhetoric and discrimination against a library staff member by a new board member Citizens should remain vigilant against any form of government overreach that manipulates public libraries for political agendas. Libraries serve as beacons of free thought and knowledge, and their integrity must be protected from partisan influences that threaten to undermine their role as unbiased resources for the community.
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  • Stop the NH-V Book Ban!
    The right to read has been under attack in the United States since 2021. In 2023, the American Library Association recorded attempts to ban 4,240 titles, a 65% surge over the previous year and the highest level ever recorded. Our community should not be participating in the unAmerican act of book banning. Please help us preserve intellectual freedom and retain "Let's Talk About It."
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  • Support the Freedom to Read in Carroll County
    There is a small group in our community that is attacking libraries and librarians because they dislike the themes and ideas in certain books. Most of the books they are targeting are about LGBTQ+ people and people of color. Last year this group went after our school libraries, where they had more than 50 books pulled from shelves. Now they are threatening the funding of the Carroll County Public Library to “send a message" to librarians who support the freedom to read. We recognize these attacks for what they are: censorship. No one is required to read books or use resources they personally object to, but removing them denies access to everyone who values them. Please sign and share this petition to take a stand against censorship and support the full funding of the Carroll County Public Library in the upcoming budget.
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  • Let Flucos Read
    The Fluvanna County School Board removed 16 books from library shelves after receiving a complaint from one person. We appreciate that two of these books have been put back on the shelves, and we call on the Board to keep ALL books on the shelf unless and until they have been properly and fully reviewed as required by policy and law. As the nonpartisan Vet Voice Foundation has stated in a March 18th letter to the School Board, in which they urged the Board to take a definitive stand against book bans, “As service members, we pledged our lives to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. This oath is sacrosanct, embodying our dedication to the liberties that have long set our nation apart, including the freedom of speech and the unfettered right to access information. When books are banned, and voices are silenced, it is not just an attack on these rights but a direct affront to the very essence of democracy and the freedoms for which we, as veterans, have served to protect.” Please sign this petition and stand with our veterans in calling on the School Board to protect the freedoms and liberties of ALL Fluvanna County residents and students and keep books on library shelves unless and until a full and transparent review process has been legitimately completed per law and policy.
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  • Save the Lynnfield High School Library Media Specialist job!
    Please join this campaign because: Having a school library and certified school librarian protects students' right to read and their First Amendment rights. Data from more than 34 statewide studies suggest that students tend to earn better standardized test scores in schools that have strong library programs. NEASC, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation body for public schools, does require that "All students receive library/information services that support their learning from adequate, certified/licensed personnel." In the 2020 Standards for Accreditation, this is a mandate, not a suggestion. Students need to know how to find and evaluate information and recognize media bias to be prepared for college, career, and life. Losing the library program puts Lynnfield and the school at risk of book challenges. Students and teachers will not have access to the large number of online databases only given to school libraries with a certified library media specialist. No school librarian means that the library collection will not get updated and curated, students will not have access to reliable, accurate information for supporting their learning. Having a school library is an equity issue. A lack of a school library and library media specialist will negatively impact student success, teacher collaboration, and the mental health of students and faculty. Students and teachers will be losing a tech integrator and the creator and teacher for the student help desk and the LHS Makerspace. In the study, School libraries and MCAS scores, the results show that there is a direct correlation between certified school library media specialists and MCAS scores.
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  • Stand Together Against Censorship in Washoe County
    Like most Americans, we strongly oppose book banning and organized attempts to purge books from library shelves. Recently, a small group has been trying to remove books from our public and school libraries. Read this article, from the Reno News and Review, to learn more: http://tinyurl.com/3z56ne4f We understand that the meaning and value of a work of literature is so much more than a few excerpts taken out of context. As a community, we want to raise strong, healthy kids. It’s important that growing minds learn as much as they can about the world -- the good, the bad, and the ugly -- so they’ll be well-prepared to navigate it and thrive. Books are tools for understanding complexity. Limiting young people's access to books does not protect them from the challenging issues we all encounter in our lives. Many of the books that have been challenged feature LGBTQIA+ characters, characters of color, and diversity-related themes. Everyone, especially young people, should see themselves reflected in library books. Furthermore, it's just as important to see others' experiences reflected in books, which - research shows time and again - helps develop empathy and compassion. We trust our teachers and librarians, who have training and education in literature and youth development, to curate collections for our community. Removing and banning books from public libraries is a slippery slope to government censorship and the erosion of our country's commitment to freedom of expression. Sign here to support the freedom to read in Washoe County.
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  • STOP Book Bans at Autauga-Prattville Public Library!
    The board members have used ethically dubious means to implement Clean Up Alabama-approved library policies discriminate against minority groups, violate the Constitution, and are outright unAmerican.
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    Created by Jessica Hayes
  • Protect our FWISD Libraries
    Fort Worth ISD students are culturally & economically diverse, they have different beliefs and sexual orientations. They deserve to see their lives reflected in the books available to them in our libraries. National groups and outside influencers should not be able to determine the availability of those books. ***You do not need to be a FWISD parent to sign this petition!
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    Created by Sabrina Ball
  • Support Prior Lake-Savage Students’ Right to Read
    PLSAS students have a constitutional right to access these books in their schools. Book challenges result in expensive and time-consuming review processes. Let our kids explore the world through books, let parents and guardians set boundaries for their *own* kids' reading, and let librarians continue their excellent work.
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  • Oppose Censorship at Cape Girardeau Public Library
    A well-organized vocal group of people want to remove books that they have deemed inappropriate. The library has reviewed these books and have found them compliant with state and federal law. Nonetheless, the group has called the police on the library and purchased large billboard ads. In addition, they are threatening costly litigation, picketing of the library, petitioning the Missouri attorney general and pursuing additional criminal complaints as well as taking legal actions against library administrators and board members.
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  • PETITION: Remove Libs of Tik Tok (Chaya Raichik) From Oklahoma Library Board
    Libs of TikTok has previously endorsed the removal of books featuring LGBTQ content from school and public libraries, and her online activity singled out specific librarians and educators and has led to several titles being removed from bookshelves in various school districts across the country. In August, multiple Oklahoma schools were targeted with repeated bomb threats after Superintendent Walters shared a post from Libs of TikTok targeting a librarian in the Union Public Schools district. Now, Walters will allow Raichik, who has potentially put Oklahoma students at risk through her content, to influence school policies in your children's school.
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