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To: Worcester County Commissioners

Support Public Comment at all Worcester County Commissioner Meetings

Good government happens out in the open with ample opportunity for public input. But the Worcester County Commissioners don’t make regular time for public comment.

Every County Commissioners meeting should include time for public comment.

Why is this important?

The Worcester County Commissioners don’t provide time for public comment on important issues at every meeting. When our elected officials don’t make time to listen to constituents they are unable to make informed decisions about policy and spending that impact the lives of all residents.

We ask the Commissioners to commit to scheduling ample time for public comment at every Commissioners meeting.

Let the Commissioners know that you want them to exercise good government and listen to constituents. Sign and share this petition today!

The official letter to the commissioners:

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: The Commissioners already offer the opportunity for public input on the budget and other predetermined topics throughout the year. Isn't this sufficient?
A: The current practice is to solicit public input on specific topics during specific meetings. This practice often means that public input is not sought until decisions have been discussed, making it too late in the process to effect change. Our proposal seeks a broader and more consistent approach. Having open public comment sessions on the agenda of every Commissioner meeting prior to votes and discussion ensures that citizens can address a wide range of matters beyond the predetermined topics. This comprehensive engagement allows for a more holistic understanding of community concerns and promotes transparency in decision-making across all aspects of county governance.

Q: Some County Commissioners offer Town Hall meetings. Isn’t this the same thing?
A: Town Hall meetings, while valuable, are usually specific events initiated by individual commissioners and often focus on predetermined issues. We advocate for a more open and regular dialogue in all Commissioner meetings, addressing a variety of matters. Our proposal ensures that there is a system in place that allows ALL Commissioners to hear citizens on a variety of topics, fostering ongoing public participation for lasting impact. The current system relies on having Commissioners who are open to organizing Town Hall meetings instead of making it an expected portion of every public meeting.

Q: Do other counties in Maryland include public comment at every County Commissioner or Council meeting?
A: According to the information that we’ve gathered so far, the following Maryland districts include public comment at every Commissioner or Council meeting: Allegany, Anne Arundel, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Calvert, Caroline, Carroll, Cecil, Charles, Dorchester, Frederick, Garrett, Harford, Kent, Prince George’s, Somerset, Queen Anne’s, Washington, Talbot,
The following districts only allow public comment at specific times: Howard, St. Mary’s, Montgomery, Worcester

How it will be delivered

We will send the petition to the County Commissioners via email, posting on social media, and through the local newspapers.

Worcester County, MD, USA

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2024-02-08 23:18:41 -0500

Commissioners Bunting, Bertino, Abbott, and Fiori voted against a motion to implement public comment with no discussion. Mitrecic, Purnell, and Elder voted in favor. Tell your friends. Just because they won’t let us speak, doesn’t mean we have to be silent.

2024-01-16 23:23:44 -0500

Our message is being heard! During the County Commisioners meeting today, Mr. Mitrecic made a motion to develop a mechanism for public comment at meetings. Mrs. Purnell seconded and both she and Mr. Elder gave strong support.
Votes for: Mitrecic, Purnell, Elder, Fiori, Abbott
Votes against: Bunting, Bertino
Join us in thanking our supporters: Email Addresses:
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The petition will continue to gather signatures for 2 more weeks! Let’s show our commissioners our support!
Check out the motion and vote here:

2024-01-14 13:57:57 -0500

Help us gather support in the community! Print one of the following flyers to post in your business or organization.
Black and White:

2024-01-13 08:40:37 -0500

100 signatures reached

2024-01-12 18:49:04 -0500

50 signatures reached

2024-01-12 16:07:35 -0500

25 signatures reached

2024-01-12 15:30:07 -0500

10 signatures reached