Fight for the First draws on the power of people like you to create a movement against book bans.

But what sets Fight for the First apart from all the other petition sites out there?

It’s not just about petitions!

Campaigns on Fight for the First will allow you to take action against book bans in your community and gain direct support from EveryLibrary. If you create a campaign on Fight for the First, EveryLibrary will help you reach more people in your community through our extensive supporter and partner network. We'll also help you get the training and support you need to win!

Creating a local group will allow you to build a community around your campaign.

By launching a group, you can get together socially, encourage attendance at meetings, and create actions. Becoming a group organizer means getting involved in Fight for the First and volunteering some of your time and it also means serving as a role model for your community.

As an organizer, you will organize meetings and events for Fight for the First members who live near you to get together, and you will also be the person that the national team communicates with to build effective campaigns. As an organizer, you will be able to use this website to:

  ∆   Develop petitions and actions
  ∆   Communicate with your supporters
  ∆   Create events and actions
  ∆   Get support from staff and from fellow members
  ∆   Launch a movement for the First Amendment

Become an organizer today and start your local or national group here.