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To: PLSAS School Board and District Administration

Support Prior Lake-Savage Students’ Right to Read

Book challenges have begun in Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools (PLSAS) targeting materials in our elementary, middle, and high school media centers. Books help our students navigate the complex world we live in. Trained librarians select all books following guidelines outlined by School Board Policy 606, building age-appropriate collections that appeal to a variety of readers. Individual citizens should *not* be dictating what materials are on the shelves in our school media centers and classrooms.

Sign and share the petition to tell the PLSAS School Board and District Administration that parents and guardians have the right to guide their student’s reading, but no parent or guardian should be making decisions for *other* families’ students.

Why is this important?

PLSAS students have a constitutional right to access these books in their schools. Book challenges result in expensive and time-consuming review processes. Let our kids explore the world through books, let parents and guardians set boundaries for their *own* kids' reading, and let librarians continue their excellent work.

Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools, MN, USA

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