Fight for the First Amendment!

Fight for the First is the first line of defense against attacks against the first amendment. Developed by EveryLibrary, a 501c(4) organization with national reach, Fight for the First empowers communities to act in defense of their constitutional right to free speech.

Fight for the First offers the immediate resources that small campaigns need to be successful, as well as the platform to create long-term organizing action. Backed by EveryLibrary's vast digital reach, with millions of weekly social media impressions, a national voter file in the hundreds of thousands, targeted email lists, and digital advertising dollars, we offer unprecedented support to local movements working to defend the first amendment.

Book banning represents a clear and present danger to the constitutional foundations of the United States, and libraries have been at the forefront of this fight for decades. But the fight is changing as massive private interests throw their support behind small undemocratic activist groups. With this flow of private funding, these otherwise small groups are having increasing success in undermining the right to free speech. Local efforts to fight against book bans often face organizations with extensive reach, funding, and support.

To counter these special interests, Fight for the First empowers local coalitions that can defeat book-banning attempts already in progress and lay the groundwork to fight such efforts before they even begin. Existing toolsets for online social campaigns, like, turn activists into passive recipients rather than engaged citizens. Fight for the First is designed to empower local activists to create immediate and long-lasting change in their community.