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To: Orem City Council and Library Board Members

Stop Censorship and Political Meddling in Orem

We call on the Orem City Council bring the library governance in line with state law.

Why is this important?

The Orem Public Library is not currently being run in accordance with state law, which has allowed for ongoing political interference by the City Council with library operations, including the censoring of displays. To come into compliance with state law, and help protect citizens of Orem from future political meddling in library affairs, four actions are needed immediately:

(1) The City Council Must Recognize the Library Advisory Committee as an independent Library Board of Directors per Utah Code 9-7-402: "When the city governing body decides to establish and maintain a city public library under the provisions of this part, it shall appoint a library board of directors of not less than five members and not more than nine members, chosen from the citizens of the city and based upon their fitness for the office."

(2) The Library Board must take responsibility for policy-making per Utah Code: 9-7-404: "The library board shall: (a) maintain and care for the library; (b) establish policies for its operation; and (c) in general, carry out the spirit and intent of the provisions of this part."

(3) The City Council must create an independent Library Fund in the budget per Utah Code: 9-7-404: "All tax money received for the library shall be deposited in the city treasury to the credit of the library fund."

(4) The Library Board must appoint a Director of the Library per Utah Code: 9-7-407: "The library board of directors shall appoint a competent person as librarian to have immediate charge of the library with those duties and compensation for services that it determines. The librarian shall act as the executive officer for the library board."

We call on the City Council and the Library Commission to come into full compliance with state laws and make public statements committing to refrain from future interference with the library.

Orem, UT, USA

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