• Stop Book Bans in Utah
    According to a recent Salt Lake Tribune article (https://www.sltrib.com/news/education/2023/10/23/we-looked-banned-books-utahs), Utah schools have banned hundreds of books in the last year. But not just any books... The top 5 banned authors are women writers who write about coming of age experiences for young adults, particularly girls. Many of these books cover topics such as sexual abuse or having a parent who is addicted to drugs. While these are difficult topics, we know that many teens experience these things, and these books give kids the language and concepts they can use to to draw safe boundaries, and to talk to trusted adults. In short, these books help keep kids safe, and help them know that they are not alone, and that there is hope. Let's tell the politicians that we trust professional librarians and teachers, who are licensed and certified by the state, to choose materials that support the education, development, and mental health of ALL students in accordance with state standards, local policy, and laws. Sign the petition and stand with the majority of Utahns who oppose harmful book bans.
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  • I Support Utah Libraries
    I want my fellow Utahns to know that I recognize and appreciate the contributions of our libraries. I know that: My community is a better place to live, is more fun and interesting, and is more successful because of our library. Libraries are free and open for all and provide a wide range of information, supporting a more educated and informed community. Libraries have books that reflect all perspectives; they transcend partisan political parties and politics. https://youtu.be/A4a-TuLFAO0 Libraries are centers of free expression, discovery, learning, self-direction, and artistic creation. Libraries support and nurture arts and culture in our communities, providing gallery space, performance space, and maker/creative spaces for all ages and interests. Libraries support business development and entrepreneurs, fostering prosperity, and strengthening our local and national economy. Libraries cultivate and preserve our local history and stories, helping us make connections between our past and present, and inspiring us to see the future we can create together. For these reasons I am proud to sign up and add my name to the list of Utahns who support strong, well-funded libraries across the state.
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  • Let Utah Read, Don't Ban Books in Utah
    Last year the Utah State legislature passed HB374 which has lead directly to books being banned in our school libraries. This hurts students and limits their ability to think for themselves, leaving them less self-reliant, and ill-prepared for success in an increasingly competitive global economy. Legislators are now suggesting that they need to pass MORE censorship laws - even ones that could lead to arresting librarians and teachers for their commitment to protecting constitutional freedoms and access to information for students. They think they are the best judge of how to parent and teach Utah kids -- and they want to take away your freedom to choose books for you and your family. We trust parents, librarians, and teachers to parent and teach, and think politicians should not be using the power of the state to restrict our freedoms and liberties just to appease loud extremists. We trust professional librarians and teachers to choose materials that support the education, development, and mental health of ALL students in accordance with state standards, local policy, and state and federal laws. Sign the petition and stand with Utahns who oppose book bans and support the freedom to read. (If you live outside of Utah, please sign this national petition: https://action.everylibrary.org/bookbans)
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