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To: Elected Utah Decisionmakers, State Legislature and School Boards

Stop Book Bans in Utah

Sign the petition to let our leaders in Utah know that you oppose book banning.

Why is this important?

According to a recent Salt Lake Tribune article (, Utah schools have banned hundreds of books in the last year. But not just any books... The top 5 banned authors are women writers who write about coming of age experiences for young adults, particularly girls.

Many of these books cover topics such as sexual abuse or having a parent who is addicted to drugs. While these are difficult topics, we know that many teens experience these things, and these books give kids the language and concepts they can use to to draw safe boundaries, and to talk to trusted adults.

In short, these books help keep kids safe, and help them know that they are not alone, and that there is hope.

Let's tell the politicians that we trust professional librarians and teachers, who are licensed and certified by the state, to choose materials that support the education, development, and mental health of ALL students in accordance with state standards, local policy, and laws.

Sign the petition and stand with the majority of Utahns who oppose harmful book bans.

Utah, USA

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