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To: Caesar Rodney School District Superintendent Dr. Corey Miklus and the CR School Board

Support Magnolia Middle School student's Right to Read - Save the Manga Library

Administration for the middle school in the Caesar Rodney School District recently enacted the new content rating policy which directly targets the teacher, her classroom and students in the school's Anime Club for which the teacher is the advisor.

According to the principal, all content in the one classroom must have ratings of E for Everyone or Y for Youth (10+) or be district approved curriculum.

This policy was the catalyst for the removal of more than 350 books, including the entire contents of the school's Manga Library which was housed in this classroom and other fictional and historical content.

Why is this important?

I firmly believe that every child deserves access to diverse forms of literature that cater to their interests. Manga books provide a unique medium through which students can explore complex narratives while improving reading comprehension skills. Anime films offer visual storytelling techniques that captivate young minds while promoting literacy and cultural exploration.

Magnolia, DE 19962, USA

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