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To: Judge Matt Brumley and the Saline County Quorum Court

Stop the Saline County Quorum Court's Library Takeover

This campaign has ended.

On June 19th, 2023, the Saline County Quorum Court (SCQC) will be discussing and voting on an ordinance to strip the library board of its sole discretion in hiring/firing of library staff and budgetary matters. We recognize this ordinance as a dangerous and undemocratic overreach of authority by the SCQC to target one individual employed by the library and to censor materials that do not meet any legal standard for relocation or removal.

We are asking that our Justices of the Peace please vote NO to the proposed ordinance, and keep the authority to hire/fire library staff in the hands of the appointed subject matter experts already serving on the library board in accordance with state law.

Why is this important?

Since March, the Saline County Quorum Court has been targeting the Saline County Library for censorship and staff terminations due to their personal objections to books featuring LGBTQ+ characters/themes, people of color, etc. Despite numerous meetings, calls, and emails from citizens in defense of the library and marginalized communities, the Quorum Court is moving forward with an ordinance to strip the library board of its authority, granting Judge Matt Brumley and the Saline County Quorum Court the authority to hire and fire library employees themselves.

They have stated that their intent in doing so is to fire the library director and begin relocating/removing books that they deem "obscene." The Quorum Court is risking real legal liability in its big-government campaign to rewrite the law and censor materials in a public library, and we are asking them to vote NO on this proposed ordinance.

Saline County, AR, USA

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