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To: The Clay County School Board and Administration

Stop the banning of books in Clay County School Libraries

Nearly 1,000 titles have been added to the reconsideration list for Clay County School Libraries thus far, limiting the resources students can access. More than 300 titles have been "permanently removed" (banned) thus far! Help stop the banning of these titles by signing this petition, and help us fight by joining the Clay County Reading Alliance.

Why is this important?

There are a handful of people in our county who are more than willing to limit all Clay County students to the books, ideas, and teachings THEY approve. They opened the door for this flood of book bans by loudly decrying a few books that contain sexual situations. But now that the door is wedged open, it's not enough to ban books that mention sex... they also want to ban books with black and brown faces on the cover. Books that recognize that LGBTQ+ people exist. Books that encourage readers to treat others equally, regardless of their differences. Books that acknowledge that we have differences, and THAT IS OK. Where has this censorship gotten us? National and international news- Clay County, Florida has become a punchline.

The right to read is one of our first amendment rights as Americans, and it’s important that our students have that right as well. Books offer us a variety of perspectives, allowing us to put ourselves in other people's shoes. Help us stand up and tell the school board and district leadership that we trust our educators (teachers and media specialists), that we want our students to have access to diverse library materials, and that we don't want this loud minority making decisions for the rest of us.

Clay County, FL, USA

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