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To: Plano ISD Trustees

Stop Book Bans in Plano ISD

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Plano ISD has recently removed books through an internal review process that overturned decisions made by reconsideration review committees made up of qualified librarians and teachers.

We are asking for transparency on the internal review process the district is using to evaluate these books so we can ensure that book reviews are following board policy.

Why is this important?

Plano ISD parents and residents deserve transparency on district policies. Students deserve access to diverse and challenging books. Six of the books removed have appeared on recent AP Lit exams; we are doing a disservice to our students and limiting their ability to succeed by banning these books.

Sign and share this petition today and let Plano ISD know that lack of transparency is not acceptable.

Plano, TX, USA

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