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To: School District of Menomonee Falls

Stop Book Bans in Menomonee Falls Public Schools

We are concerned community members regarding the recent removal of 33 books from Menomonee Falls High School Library, which appears to violate established policies. To preserve due process, we request an immediate, transparent review involving Library Media Specialists to ensure informed decisions and a fair process.

Why is this important?

Engaging in open community dialogue is vital for rebuilding trust and respecting diverse perspectives. Your swift attention to this matter will safeguard the integrity of our education system and maintain community trust.

This issue is vital because it touches on the heart of our community's commitment to free expression, diversity, and fair educational practices.

We are defending the right for our students to access a wide range of perspectives and ideas and safeguarding the intellectual freedom that is fundamental to a thriving and inclusive community. Imagine a school environment where essential discussions about societal issues are limited or silenced. These banned books represent diverse voices and narratives that contribute to a well-rounded education.

Sign and share this petition today, and join us in calling for an immediate and transparent review of book removals at Menomonee Falls High.

Menomonee Falls, WI 53051, USA

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