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To: Cobb County School Board

Stop Book Bans in Cobb County Public Schools

Books are being banned in school libraries across Cobb County at the direction of Superintendent Ragsdale and district leadership after a demand letter from an out-of-state extremist group. Teachers are now self-censoring their classroom libraries, resulting in a negative impact on the learning environment for our students.

Why is this important?

The district feels it is in the majority when it comes to removing classic and diverse literature from our school libraries. It is up to the community to show that we trust our teachers to foster a love of reading in our students and challenge them to develop critical thinking skills that will prepare them for the world around them.

Sign our petition to call on our district leadership to halt these book bans, follow their own policies on the review of books, and leave those decisions to qualified librarians and media specialists in each school.

Cobb County, GA, USA

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