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To: Autauga County Commissioners

Stand with the Autauga-Prattville Public Library

The Autauga County Commission pulled a shockingly underhanded move circumventing the traditional process by rushing to nominate and appoint Doug Darr to the Autauga-Prattville Public Library Board. Darr is a supporter of Clean Up Alabama, an extremist group that publicly endorses book burning.

They did this through a duplicitous bait-and-switch maneuver, leaving no time to inform the public or provide time for public comment. The members of Read Freely Alabama and Fight For the First, Prattville, who are constituents of Autauga County Commission are greatly disappointed to see our county commissioners engage in such unscrupulous behavior.

Why is this important?

Clean Up Alabama knows that its policies are unpopular and that the public, when informed of their plans, does not support their efforts. This is why they must employ shady political tactics, make vile accusations, and threaten library board members and city officials. They want censorship and publicly applaud book burning; they are extremists who will accept nothing less than the complete eradication of everything they deem “offensive.”

By siding with these extremists, the Autauga County Commission completely betrayed the Autauga-Prattville Library, causing three of the current (and long-serving) library board members to resign. Even worse, each Commissioner betrayed the trust of their constituents - an unwise move going into an election year.

Read Freely Alabama and Fight for the First, Prattville demands that the Commissioners immediately rescind the appointment, issue an apology to the previous board members and work with the library to appoint candidates committed to protecting parental rights and constitutional librarianship.

Please sign and share this petition and join us in calling for the Autauga County Commission to rescind this appointment and to follow established procedures for appointing future library board members

Autauga County, AL, USA

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