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To: Elected and Appointed City, County, and School Board Officials in North Central Idaho

Stand up to the Book Banners in Idaho

Now is the time to stand up to the book banning crowd. Individual liberty used to be the hallmark of being an Idahoan. Times are rapidly changing.

Why is this important?

Please join us as we fight the ever escalating culture war against those who limit our liberty to choose and own reading material, and parent our own children in Idaho.

If we don't stand up to these challenges, we will live in a state where politicians will determine what is in school and public libraries. This will have a devastating impact not only in our fiction collections, but also in the arts, sciences, and religious library collections.

Sign this petition and join a team of citizens advocating for uncensored reading, academic freedom, and full access to school and public libraries in North Central Idaho.

North Central Idaho, ID, USA

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