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To: Bucks County School Boards and Municipal Office Holders

Stand Up Against Book Bans in Bucks County

Government censorship is on the rise in our fair county. Public school district library policy has been rewritten by Pennsylvania Family Institute’s Independence Law Center.

60 titles have been challenged in Central Bucks School District and are at risk of being banned. Books have already been removed from circulation from Pennridge High School library.

Calls to further defund our public library are being pushed at Telford Borough Council meetings over religious and moral objections to library content.

We call on locally elected officials to speak out against censorship. Pass resolutions/proclamations reaffirming your commitment to the First Amendment and abolish all policy that infringes on our freedom to read.

Why is this important?

Bucks County has a proud tradition of writers and free thinkers. From Pearl S. Buck to Margaret Mead and from Oscar Hammerstein to James Michener. These policies go against the values of our proud community.

Bucks County, PA, USA

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