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To: Conroe ISD parents, students, educators, and constituents

Say NO to Book Bans in CISD

Please sign this petition, share on your social media, talk to your friends and neighbors, and consider speaking at a school board meeting in support of keeping inclusive reading material on the CISD library shelves.

Why is this important?

As you are well aware by now, there are people who seek to remove any book from the CISD library shelves that does not align with their personal ideology. Extremist groups that do not have children in CISD are using school board meetings to push their own agenda. It is important that students not only see themselves represented in the pages of a book, but also gain empathy for others by reading about experiences outside of their own. These book challenges will only increase in the coming days as we near the presidential election. Please join me to advocate for ALL students, because ALL MEANS ALL!

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to CISD Trustees and Superintendent.

Conroe Independent School District, TX, USA

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