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To: Dale County Commissioners, Ozark City Council, Library Board of Trustees

Oppose Defunding The Ozark Dale County Library

Please sign our petition to tell our elected county and city leaders that we oppose illegitimate political meddling and threats from the Mayor of Ozark to defund our Library.

Why is this important?

The Mayor is entitled to his personal beliefs, but it is a violation of his duties to threaten the Library in an attempt to impose his personal beliefs on everyone. We trust our neighbors to decide for themselves what they and their families read.

The signers of this petition stand together to defend our public library against those who attempt to force compliance via threats of defunding, and therefore threats to the library’s very existence. Our brave servicemembers have fought for generations to preserve our individual liberties and freedom to think for ourselves, safe from such activist government overreach.

We ask our elected and appointed leaders at the County, City, and Library Board of Trustees to pledge their support for freedom, and the protection of library funding against illicit political threats.
Ozark, AL 36360, USA

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