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To: Llano County Commissioners Court

Save Llano Libraries

We, The People of Llano County, TX want a public library system. Yet, for years the Library has had budget cuts, no new books, excessive and puzzling book weeding, staff attrition and reduced hours to the point that it's nearly unusable by the very people who need it most.

We demand that our libraries be properly staffed with certified librarians and then leave them to do their jobs of education and service. We insist that the libraries have adequate hours so the public can use them. And most importantly, we want to stop the incursion of theocratic principles in our libraries. A secular, welcoming library has been available to you your entire lives. Please preserve it for your children and grandchildren.

Why is this important?

Since it was established in 1904 by the Woman's Culture Club, the Llano Library System has served numerous needs of all Llano County citizens. The current efforts to further gut the system has nearly destroyed it. Please join us to reach out to our County Commissioners in this petition. They owe us, the Taxpayers, transparency and ethical conduct in the future.

How it will be delivered

In person.

Llano County, TX, USA

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