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To: State Superintendent Ryan Walters

PETITION: Remove Libs of Tik Tok (Chaya Raichik) From Oklahoma Library Board

Oklahoma’s culture war-obsessed superintendent has appointed professional harasser Chaya Raichik — of the account Libs of TikTok — to the state’s Department of Education Library Media Advisory Committee.

Chaya Raichik, who is NOT even a citizen of Oklahoma, nor trained in library science, pushed for banning books across the country and her campaign of misinformation and inflammatory rhetoric has been linked to bomb threats and acts of violence against libraries and hospitals.

This is not who should be deciding which books are right for you and your family.

State Superintendent Ryan Walters should remove Chaya Raichik from the newly created Library Media Review Committee.

Why is this important?

Libs of TikTok has previously endorsed the removal of books featuring LGBTQ content from school and public libraries, and her online activity singled out specific librarians and educators and has led to several titles being removed from bookshelves in various school districts across the country.

In August, multiple Oklahoma schools were targeted with repeated bomb threats after Superintendent Walters shared a post from Libs of TikTok targeting a librarian in the Union Public Schools district.

Now, Walters will allow Raichik, who has potentially put Oklahoma students at risk through her content, to influence school policies in your children's school.

Oklahoma, USA

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