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To: Elected Oklahoman Officials and Decision Makers

Petition: Oklahomans for the First Amendment

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We oppose all legislation that challenges First Amendment rights

Why is this important?

The First Amendment is FIRST for a reason. It secures a number of our inalienable and Constitutional rights including our rights to free speech and assembly, which are essential to democracy.

But we are now seeing extremist factions who seek to eradicate and erode these rights, replacing our shared American values as they are enshrined in the Constitution, with their own personal religious values.

The attack on these rights have left libraries and the people that they serve -- especially rural Oklahomans -- especially vulnerable.

Our democracy is in danger as extremist groups seek to diminish all rights for anyone who does not adhere to their religious doctrines. Book banning is just the tip of the iceberg. If we allow these attacks on the First Amendment to succeed, the security of al of our rights, and of our democracy, are in danger.

Join our growing network of First Amendment supporters in Oklahoma as we stand up and speak up in defense of our First Amendment right to share and receive information.

Oklahoma City, OK, USA

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National and state-based professional library organizations do not have the ability to support Librarians and the First Amendment, so it's up to us, The People, to do so.