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To: Fresno County Board of Supervisors Chair, Sal Quintero

Oppose the Parents Matter Act!

Vote against Supervisor Brandau's Parents Matter Act.

On November 7, Supervisor Steve Brandau will bring a resolution to the Fresno County Board of Supervisors. The resolution would create a 15-member panel (3 selected from each Fresno County Supervisor's district). The only requirement for appointment to this council would be that the member be 18 years of age and reside within the appropriate supervisorial district. They would not be required to have a background or experience in library services, literature, child development, or even be a parent. This panel would review all books currently in the children's section of the Fresno County Library as well as any proposed additions to the library's catalog, and make determinations on what materials they consider to be age-appropriate and acceptable for all Fresno County children. They would then ensure that children's free access to these books at the Library be restricted.

Right now every parent has the right to choose the books their own child will read. They can choose to review books with or for their child, or they can empower their children to make book choices for themselves. The Library allows parents to make those choices for their own children and not based upon what other people who may have different values, interests, cultures, or religions would choose. It should remain this way. This resolution would remove that freedom of choice for Fresno County parents and children.

Vote against this resolution!

Why is this important?

Residents of Fresno County need to be heard. We cannot allow a select few to make decisions for all.

Fresno County, CA, USA

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2023-11-21 19:11:43 -0500

Quick update: The resolution with amendments has been placed on the Board of Supervisor's agenda for next Tuesday, Nov 28, under consent vote. Consent votes are almost always accepted as is. However, there have been some individuals who have spoken with both Chair Quintero and Supervisor Pacheco about the possibility of moving the resolution out of consent vote and into the regular agenda. If this happens, there will be time for more discussion and public commentary.

We strongly encourage you to again, write emails to the Supervisors to get your opposition noted on the record before the meeting. Write letters to the editor of the Bee and other news outlets, and tell your friends to do the same. And if at all possible, show up for the meeting on Tuesday. They may not let us all speak, but our voices will be heard in so many other ways. Support your library, your librarians, and the public freedoms we all currently enjoy by speaking out and stopping the resolution from passing again!

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