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To: Idaho Legislators

NO on HO314 - Let Idaho Read!

Let our elected officials know that you do not support censorship in Idaho's school and public libraries. It's time to vote NO on HO 314!

Why is this important?

HO314 calls for civil penalties of $2,500 in addition to injunctive relief by a prosecuting attorney if a school or public library provides materials that are "harmful to minors."

While Idaho libraries do not provide materials that are harmful to minors, the simple threat of expensive lawsuits is likely to have a damaging chilling effect, restricting Idahoans' liberty to access information, self-direct, and read and think freely for themselves. HO314 is another misguided attempt by the state to limit Idahoans First Amendment freedoms.

This bill will particularly impact small, rural libraries and taxpayers, which will have to choose whether providing materials that support their communities is even possible under the threat of expensive and time-consuming lawsuits.

If local libraries that are forced by unneeded state regulations to defend against private claims of harm, they will not be able to continue to serve the needs of local Idahoans. This bill is government overreach, a violation of parents' rights, and an attack on the ability of libraries to provide access to information for all Idahoans, regardless of their values or beliefs.

How it will be delivered

Then petition will be delivered to members of the Idaho House of Representatives.

Idaho, USA

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