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No Book Bans Here: Pine-Richland

Book challenges have begun for materials in our high school library. All books are selected by trained librarians to be age-appropriate, relevant to our student population & have literary merit. We need books available that appeal to a variety of readers. Most of the books challenged to date feature diverse characters. Parents *already* have the ability to restrict access for their child — they should not be able to limit what is available to everyone!

Follow this link for the list of challenged books & information about the current policy:

Why is this important?

We must come together to make it clear that our community will NOT accept the most restrictive voices making decisions for all of us.

Pine-Richland School District, PA, USA

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Join us Monday 11/13 at 6pm for a celebration of books before the school board meeting —
We’ve reached almost 500 people this week!

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