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To: Glen Ridge Public Library Board of Trustees

Glen Ridge United Against Book Bans

No Glen Ridge resident should limit what other community members and other parents’ children read. What people read is a decision that they should make for themselves and their families. No books of any type should be banned from the Glen Ridge Public Library.

Why is this important?

Members of the “Citizens Defending Education” group in Glen Ridge are attempting to ban the following six books from the Glen Ridge Public Library:

1. All Boys Aren't Blue - George M. Johnson
2. Here and Queer - Rowan Ellis
3. This Book is Gay - Juno Dawson
4. It's Not the Stork - Robie H. Harris
5. It's Perfectly Normal - Robie H. Harris
6. You Know, Sex - Cory Silverberg

The Library Director has confirmed that each of the above books meets the Library Materials Selection Policy. These books all contain content related to the LGBTQ+ community and it is clear that the CDE group is targeting this group here in Glen Ridge.

Please sign the petition and come to the February 8th, 2023 Library Board of Trustees Meeting to voice your opposition to this proposed ban. During this meeting, the CDE’s appeal of the Library Director's decision to reject the ban will be discussed and voted on. The meeting will be held in the Borough of Glen Ridge Council Chambers at 7:30 PM.

240 Ridgewood Ave, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028, USA

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